Iota Xperience

Return and Refund

The vendor may, at its discretion, accept as a return for credit the product in its unopened original package and in a condition that could be sold as new provided that the product was purchased no more than (14) days prior to the date of return. Returns made in such cases are classified under ‘change of mind’ and Iota Xperience will not be liable for any collateral fees (e.g., payment gateway charges, transportation, etc.) associated with returns in such cases.

Any product that is defective may be exchanged for a new product at no charge to the buyer, or, at the vendor’s option, be returned for credit within (14) days of purchase. In the case of defective goods, the vendor will bear the costs of collaterals (e.g., payment gateway charges, transportation, etc.) associated with the returns.

All refunds of credit be they classified as ‘change of mind’ or ‘defective’, will only be processed by Iota Xperience provided that a formal request in writing is submitted by the vendor. Iota Xperience shall refund to the buyer the amount stipulated in the submitted within (30) days from the receipt and acknowledgement of the request.

Additional charges (e.g., payment gateway charges, transportation, etc.)  incurred by vendors due to ‘change of mind’ or ‘defective’ returns will be charged to the vendor as per terms agreed upon in the vendor agreement. The vendor shall not wilfully submit a request to Iota Xperience that reflects an amount in which the buyer absorbs these additional charges.

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