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bioenergetic health scan

Bio-Energetic Full Body Functional Health Scanning

Bio-Energetic Therapy (5 Different Types of Therapy)

Why Should You Choose Our Bio-Energetic Health Scan?

A Regular Health Scanning Is Essential As Part Of Preventive Healthcare To Stay Fit And Healthy. Understanding Your Bodily Functions Allows You To Detect Any Underlying Health Conditions At An Earlier Stage Which You Might Not Be Aware Of!

A Health Scan That simply takes 1.5 minutes to Gives You a 99 pages of Digital Report about Your Bioenergetics health tendencies which include your Oxygen and Body Acidity Level, Lung Function, Liver Function, Blood Sugar Control and much more

Oxygen and Body Acidity Level

Lung Function

Liver Function

Blood Sugar Control

Are You Having These Symptoms?

There are many tiny details that might go unnoticed in your day to day life,  such as…

Muscle Ache

Slow Scar Recovery

Poor Blood Circulation

Poor Sleep And Low Energy

Weak Immune System

High Stress And Poor Memory

Introducing Our 5 Types of Bio-Energetic Therapy


It is a therapy that restores energy (ATP) to cells which is important because energy is constantly lost or reduced through diseases, injury, age and stressful lifestyles.


This therapy uses mechanical force to push the body upwards follow by letting it fall down naturally by gravity, stimulating rope-jumping in a passive way.


A therapy where you inhale hydrogen which acts a power antioxidant neutralizing free radicals that contributes to disease progression.


The therapy capturing the most beneficial aspects of natural sunlight, infrared directly correlate to the far infrared energy naturally found in all living things, including the human body.


A therapy that aims to restore biological communications at cellular level to enable body to better self-regulate, adapt and heal naturally.

Benefits of Each Bio-Energetic Therapy

– Improve nervous system health

– Improve pain management

– Enhance blood circulation

– Reduces swelling

– Skin rejuvenation

– Pre-and-post surgery support

– Muscle relaxation

– Decrease body fat

– Increase metabolism

– Improve brain health

– Enhance digestive health

– Burning Visceral fats

– Increase blood flow

Useful for conditions such as:

– Memory

– Heart health

– Chronic fatigue

– Nervous system health

– Reducing oxidative stress

– Drug-free pain relieve

– Reduction of arthritis pain

– Increase of blood circulation

– Improves in range of motion

– Removal of toxins from body, promote stress relieve and enhance relaxation

– Boost metabolism, effortless weight loss

– Improves cardiovascular function

– Dilates blood vessels, releases nitric oxide

– Improve lymphatic flow 

– Balancing of immune system and blood pressure

– Detoxify body to enhance healthy cellular growth

– Aids in oxygenation, reduce respiratory issues and lung/sinus congestion

– Eliminates chemicals, fats, carcinogenic heavy metals, lactic acid, free fatty acids, excess sodium, uric acid and subcutaneous fat

– Increases endorphin levels, bringing peace of mind to users

– Stimulating subcutaneous wound healing

– Reduces pain, inflammation & edema

– Increase vitality

– Reduces harmful effects of environmental stress

– Facilitates cellular repair and regeneration

– Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

– Supports the elimination of toxins

– Promotes absorption of nutrients and minerals

– Improves sleep patterns and mood

– Promotes absorption of nutrients and minerals

Commonly asked questions

How Does The Bio-Energetic Health Scan Works?

The digital electromagnetic scan that detects and measures the electromagnetic frequencies of specific tissues and organs in your body. During the scan, electrodes will be placed on both hands for 1.5 minutes and a reading will be generated to show the electromagnetic frequencies of your cellular functions. This will inform you of any derivatives from a set of healthy parameters.

What Are the Types of Bio-Energetic Scanning?

There are several different modalities that provide useful insight into the body’s bio-energetic status.

*Disclaimers* : These are not medical diagnostic tests. Any medical diagnostic screen must be done and followed up by standard medical blood tests, pathology lab tests and medical scans that provide definitive results on disease states.

What is the Total Duration for All 5 Therapy Inclusive In the Bio-Energetic Package?

Duration of all 5 therapy within in a single session will last approximately 2 hours.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Both Health Scanning & Bio-Energetic Therapy?

Anyone aged 12 and above are welcomed, so bring your kids along!

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