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Why should you become a member?

At Iota Xperience, we believe that health and wellness is the gateway to peace of body and mind. Join Iota Xperience as a member to gain access to a plethora of health and wellness products and programs conducted by professionals.

We aim to help you thrive in a new COVID-19 normal. Our unique platform allows you to purchase health products together with experiences from the convenience of your home. By joining the Iota Community, you will be in on the latest merchandises and exclusive events such as webinars and one-to-one consultations with curated health professionals.


Enjoy the early access to numerous products and services offered by health & wellness professionals and purchase or book them directly, all on one platform. 

Get access to members exclusive events such as health webinars and one-to-one consultations with curated health professionals.

Frequently asked questions

No, sign up is completely free!

No, our health webinars are free of charge for all members!

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