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Digital Transformation
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Why should i join iota xperience?

At Iota Xperience, we aim to make health and wellness accessible to everyone and we cannot achieve this dream without you.

By joining us, not only do you gain access to a wider online consumer base, but you also gain to positively impact the lives of members on our platform.

We are here to help health and wellness providers not only survive through COVID-19 but thrive in this new normal.

If you provide a health and wellness product or service, sign up now!

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What we offer

Social media marketing campaigns


You can focus on your product, we will take care of the marketing.

We can plan and create social media marketing campaigns for you, based on your specifications to fit your products and target audiences.

Unsure of how to engage your consumers? No problem. Our consultants will help you to create the optimal marketing campaigns to bring in the customers.

E-commerce Marketplace

By signing up for our digitization service, you can also place your business onto our online marketplace, is an e-commerce platform dedicated to health and wellness, designed to meet your needs as a health and wellness provider.

By joining, you can access these benefits:


Easily manage your business right here on our platform. Connect your business to a larger consumer base by bringing it online.


Find the right customer for you; Iota Xperience caters to all consumers looking for different experiences. 


Enter a diverse marketplace of Brands. Our carefully vetted catalogue ensures that your Brand is amongst trustworthy and established brands.


Let our team handle the logistics. We will provide shipping services for your brand at your request.


Get feedback and find out more about consumers preferences and show recommended products that would be of interest to them.


Connect to your customers and host webinars on our platform about health-related issues that matter to you. Create a community around your Brand.

Digital content creation


For companies that do not have their own digital content, we can produce the content for you.

Services we offer include photography, videography, graphic design and any other content creation you may need for your digital marketing goals.

our packages

marketing package

  • Targeted Ads on Facebook OR Instagram channels (IG Story with Swipe Up Link, Post, ‘Explore’ pages) OR Tik Tok
  • A dedicated landing page for clickthrough of targeted Ads promoted on our social media channels
  • Listing on IotaXperience
  • Copywriting of offers and targeted Ads
  • Insights from Ads engagement data

Digital transformation package

  • Customised solutions based on analysis of business model and operations
  • SSL Certificate & PCI DSS compliance
  • Technological integration of business processes (Accounting software integration, CRM tools integration, E-commerce website development)
  • Implementation of a customised software package that takes into account the network, content delivery, cloud automation, secrets storage, output and visualisation

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81 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-45, Singapore 139967

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